2015年、BUCK-TICKの櫻井敦司が中心となってTHE MORTALを結成。
バンドメンバーは、Vo:櫻井敦司(BUCK-TICK)、G:Jake Cloudchair、G:村田有希生(my way my love)、B:三代堅(ex. M-AGE)、Dr:秋山タカヒコ (downy)。

櫻井はBUCK-TICKの中でも大半の作詞を手掛けているが、独特の詩の世界観 - それは“生と死”であったり、人間の本質をえぐる心の奥底に巣食う悪意や憎悪、その狭間に揺れる情念、理性、そして社会や組織、外界との間に生じる摩擦と疎外、自愛と自戒、暗くてどす黒い精神世界など、他の追随を許さない世界観を持っている。

【THE MORTAL Profile】
Atsushi Sakurai from BUCK-TICK was founded THE MORTAL in 2015.
The members of the band are vocalist Atsushi Sakurai (BUCK-TICK), guitarist Jake Cloudchair, guitarist Yukio Murata (my way my love), bassist Ken Miyo (ex. M-AGE) and drummer Takahiko Akiyama (downy).
Sakurai writes most of the lyrics in BUCK-TICK based on his unique lyrical world. His words cover various themes from life and death, the essential human nature of hatred and malice, conflicts between the head and heart, the reality of society and organization, friction and isolation from the outside world, self-discipline and the darkness of the human mind.
For this album, Sakurai wrote lyrics and the band who understands Sakurai the most and who he trusts musically, worked on the music. All of the members contributed to the album production.
There is growing expectation for THE MORTAL’s beautiful, dark and frantic world.